How to Choose Where to Elope

Where To Elope: How To Get Started

Choosing where to elope is one of the most exciting parts of planning your elopement. It can be a beautiful reflection of the love and relationship that you share with your partner. As an elopement photographer, I often find the majority of inquiries I get start with a couple that doesn’t have a set location picked for their wedding day. However most of the time they have ideas of what kind of scenery they’d like, which is a great place to start!

The best part of my elopement photography experience is the fact that I absolutely LOVE helping my couples find the most perfect location for them. In the case that you are finding yourself trying to figure out this step on your own, this article is to help guide you in choosing the best spot for you!

Talk About Your Dream of Where To Elope: Make It a Date Night

When choosing your elopement location you really want it to be a time where you sit down with your partner and reflect back on adventures you’ve taken together. Think about your favorite memories that you’ve made, or even memories you haven’t made yet, but want to! I always recommend writing down everything you could ever dream of. Act as if nothing is too crazy or too out of reach. Then you’re able to really see what your vision is.

Was there a favorite hike that you did together when you first realized you were in love? Were your toes sandy when you had your first kiss that made you giddy inside? Was your hair blowing in the wind on the edge of a cliff when you realized that you wanted to spend forever together? How did you get engaged? What are your favorite memories together and where did they take place?

Maybe your story isn’t as grand, that’s okay! Not everyone has crazy adventures together, but this is a good place to start. What better way to begin your life adventure together then by making one of these scenarios a reality? Sky’s the limit, so start dreaming!

Start Researching Where To Elope

Once the juices are flowing, and you’re getting tons of great ideas of where you’d love to share your vows, you can start researching where you’d like to go. Narrowing down specific landscapes can help you narrow the area of the world you may want. Cliffs, rain forests, vast mountain ranges, sandy beaches, the options are limitless. Narrowing down these specific landscapes can help you pinpoint exact places on the map. Even if you have several places you’d like, that’s very helpful when reaching out to photographers.

Google and Pinterest are your best friends when it comes to researching your dream elopement locations. You can start by researching the broad landscape of where you are dreaming.

For example, “beach elopement locations”, “rain forest elopement locations”, “best mountain elopement locations”, etc.

If you aren’t finding anything you love using those search engines, or you have a few top contenders that you’re choosing from, I highly recommend finding a photographer who specializes in elopements. A lot of elopement photographers go in depth researching for you and your partner for where to go. It’s my top priority, as a photographer who specializes in elopements, to give my couples an unbeatable experience. This includes researching specific locations, personalized vendors, etc.

Double Check Permits + Other Fees

When you decide on your location it’s important to be aware of any permits fees that are associated with the area that you are wanting to get married in. If you have an elopement photographer, this is usually something that they will research for you. Some couples choose a location to If you don’t have an elopement photographer. This is definitely an important step in making your final decision of choosing where you want to elope.

If it’s important to you that you choose a permit-free spot, then this step is something you cannot skip. There are a lot of locations that require permits, especially throughout the US. This is to help with the conservation of the area and making sure that everyone is following the rules. However, there are also a lot of locations that don’t require permits. So finalizing these details before you choose your elopement location is a top priority.

Book Transportation and Accommodations

The process of finding accommodations is all about personal preference. When it comes to the order in which you choose them, but also what accommodations you choose for yourself. While this order may seem different for how you would plan where to elope, this is a good guideline for what’s important to include during the process.

One of the most important things to consider, after you’ve decided where to elope, is your accommodations. Airbnb, VRBO, and Holiday Homes are some of the best tools to use when finding a great place to stay in the chosen location. Something to consider is what size of a place do you want. Is it just going to be you two? Are you wanting all your family and friends to stay in one big house to celebrate with you? Do you want to be close to town, or further away from the hustle and bustle? Considering all of this ahead of time will help tremendously when considering where to elope.

If you’re having a destination elopement that requires a flight, you’ll want to do extensive research for the best airports, proximity to your vacation house or hotel, and overall an airline that best fits your needs. You’ll need to make sure you have information on rental cars, shuttles, drivers, or other vehicles that will get you to and from your locations for your elopement.

Picking the Right Photographer

Hey there! I’m Rachel, a Destination Elopement Photographer. I travel all around the world creating an unforgettable experience for my couples! I aim to tell the most beautiful love stories by the capturing the most intentional moments behind my lens & I’m here to help you find the location of your dreams for your elopement.