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how i got here

I’m from small town Colorado, and spent much of my time growing up exploring nature + the mountains around me. And while I’m a mountain girl through and through, I’m also deeply inspired by my southern roots, as I spent my formative years in Georgia getting my degree in Photography and Mass Communications.

I come from a family of amazing artists and creators, and from a very young age I always knew being stuck in an office job would never be my calling. The moment I picked up my first camera I was drawn to the unique platform it gave me to tell important stories behind my lens in an artistic and beautiful way.

Over the years I’ve found a passion for not only capturing remarkable love stories, but also creating so many unforgettable experiences with incredibly special couples in the most beautiful locations all over the world. It is never lost on me how freaking unbelievable it is that I get to do what I do!

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When it came to photography, my dad was my biggest fan. He always encouraged me to chase after this dream of being a photographer, no matter how crazy it sounded. Sadly, after a hard-fought 16 year battle with cancer, he passed away in 2014. It really opened my eyes to how incredibly important it is to capture special moments in people's lives, because one day it could be all you have. To this day I still smile, cry, laugh, and cling to the memories I have captured in the photographs taken of him throughout his life. When I officially started my business in 2017, I couldn’t think of a better way to honor him than to use his last name, Case, as a part of my business name! 

I am one faithful girly + I love my Jesus! I believe that God has blessed me with so amazing things in this life! But the biggest of them all is this little family right here, my family! Being a working mama + wife has its challenges but I am so blessed with the support from my husband + my own mama, who is the best Grandma in the world! So, when I’m not behind the camera you can usually find me having dance parties, playing hide + seek, and just hanging out around the house with these cuties.

we love because he first loved us - 1 John 4:19  

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how it came to be

 1. When I'm not photographing love stories, you can find me

2. My favorite show to binge on Netflix is:

3. My favorite summer drink is: 

4. My favorite place I've ever photographed an elopement (so far) is:

5. I've always dreamed of exploring/photographing a love story in 

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6. I'm a mother to two of the sweetest boys, and I'd love to have              more kids. 
7. One of my favorite hobbies is:

8. My favorite bible verse is 

9. Spotify has me at the top .01% of listeners for this artist:

10. I love photographing love stories ALL over the world:

getting lost at antique malls with my husband


Proverbs 16:9

a. Love is Blind
b. Orange is the New Black
c. Gilmore Girls
d. Never Have I Ever


a. Margarita
b. Moscow Mule
c. Long Island Iced Tea
d. Mojito

a. Iceland
b. Italy
c. Costa Rica
d. Switzerland

a. Reading
b. Hiking
c. Escape Rooms
d. All of the Above

a. Eric Church
b. Dua Lipa
c. Shawn Mendes
d. Taylor Swift

a. True
b. False

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