What Is A Micro Wedding

Couple walking down the small aisle at their micro wedding as their guests throw petals over them.

What is a micro wedding?

In the last several years you may have noticed the term ‘micro wedding’ becoming more and more popular. From Reels to Tik-Toks, people are sharing all of their experiences with these weddings! You may be wondering, what exactly is a micro wedding?

Well, it’s pretty self explanatory. A micro wedding is just a small wedding, typically consisting of 40 guests or less. As a photographer who specializes in micro weddings, my average guest count for these types of weddings is usually around 15-20.

Most people just don’t want the stress of having hundreds of guests (some of whom they don’t even know). People find that it can be uncomfortable to say intimate vows in front of a lot of guests, and having what can sometimes feel like a meaningless day to ‘celebrate’ their marriage. So people are ditching the traditional and bringing it back to the roots of what’s really important – their love!

What vendors should you have?

Micro weddings have become popular in recent years because of how budget-friendly they are. Especially compared to big, extravagant weddings. Having a micro wedding means that couples aren’t stuck with the traditional vendors and venues, and it really allows every couple to be unique and creative when planning their day.

Couple exchanging rings on the side of a mountain at their micro wedding while their officiant marries them.


Having a micro wedding is JUST as important (if not more important) as having a big traditional wedding. When you have a small wedding there are so many more intimate moments throughout the day that you will want captured. That’s the beauty of having an intimate wedding day like this. It really allows you to bring the focus back to the little details, and the things that truly matter. At the end of the day, all you’ll have left are the photos and videos to look back on. So don’t skip out on hiring a quality photographer and videographer for your micro wedding, this is definitely one of the most important vendors you should have!


Flowers are SO important! When it comes to getting beautiful photos on your wedding day you want to make sure that you have some pretty flowers to accentuate the day. The best part about this is that you’ll most likely only need one or two bouquets, a boutonniere or two, and maybe some florals for your ceremony site. This brings the costs of florals down a bunch and still allows you to have beautiful wedding flowers for your day.


This depends on where you are getting married, as some places (like Colorado) don’t require you to have an officiant for your wedding. Many other states/countries do require it, so it’s important to check those logistics ahead of time. Some couples still opt to have an officiant, even if it isn’t required. This is because it makes the ceremony part feel more ‘official’. This is a common traditional vendor that a lot of couples stick with, as it can be really important to how your ceremony flows.

A pretty drink cart at a couple's micro wedding.

Bar Carts/Wagons

Wandering Wagon Bars has some of the cutest options if you’re looking to get married in Colorado.

Micro Wedding Planner

Even planning a small wedding can be overwhelming. And you never want the stress of the day to fall on you! As a photographer who specializes in micro weddings, I always offer my help with planning. However there are also planners who specialize in small, intimate, micro weddings that can help make ALL your dreams come true! Wild Social Micro Weddings is a planning service that serves couples who are specifically having these small weddings. They travel all over and help create the most beautiful days for their couples.

Food Trucks

I’ve seen taco trucks, bbq, Thai and more! There are so many options for awesome food trucks these days. This makes for a really fun addition to your wedding day and an activity for your guests since they get to actually go up to the window and choose/order the food they want!

Private Chef

This is one of the most popular ideas I see at intimate weddings. It’s a great idea for a lot of couples who are having an intimate dinner after their ceremony/vows. You’re able to to accommodate a small number of people with a delicious home cooked meal by going this route as well.

Live Musician Instead of a DJ or Band

This is a really unique idea that I have seen done at multiple micro weddings over the years. It’s more popular with a lower guest count of around 15-20, since having one person with their microphone and guitar just makes for a really intimate setting. It can tend to get lost in the mix with a guest count higher than 20 people. Another way to utilize a live musician is for the ceremony part of the day as well. A violinist and a guitarist/singer are the two most common.

Airbnbs / VRBOs

I recommend using these houses for your ceremony/reception only if you are having 15/20 guests max. Some houses you find may accommodate more guests. In this case you could have more people, but just don’t take advantage of the rules of the home. I always recommend couples reach out to the owner before booking. Make sure you’re transparent about what you are wanting to do so that you aren’t breaking any rules of the house. Most home-owners don’t mind if you’re having a quiet dinner with a handful of people. It’s always important to check with the owners first, as many of the homes have different rules for their guests.

How do you decide who to invite?

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about micro weddings is that it still feels like an intimate, ‘just us’ elopement experience. The best part is that you can include your closest family and friends with you on your day! As a huge family person myself, and having a close group of friends, this is a big reason why these types of weddings are my favorite to photograph.

However, deciding who to invite to such an intimate day isn’t always so easy. The lines can start to blur between who you really want there and who’s feelings you don’t want to hurt by not inviting them. I always tell my couples to remember, you did it this way because you wanted to. You don’t owe anyone anything, because this is YOUR day!

I always recommend starting a list of who you want to invite to your micro wedding. Start with your immediate families (if you’re close with them). This includes parents, siblings, and grandparents. Next move onto any extended family that you are close with (by this I mean who you’ve seen in the last 6 months to a year). Then, who you keep in contact with regularly (aunts, uncles, or cousins). Lastly, think of your CLOSEST friends who you couldn’t imagine your day without. These are your ride or dies, they should be there!

*Side Note*

In some cases it may be easier to have a strict ‘family only’ rule. If you both have a lot of close friends and you don’t want to hurt peoples feelings by inviting some (but not all) then the family only rule is a great one to go by. Most people will understand only wanting your family there.*

By making this list you may find yourself extending it to include people who you don’t really want there. This is why it’s important to make a first draft and come back to it at least twice before finalizing it and send out the information to those on the list.

I want you to make sure you ask yourself the questions for each person. What will they bring to my day (and I don’t mean gifts). Does this person support and love our love? Can I imagine them not being there on our wedding day? Are they only on my list because I feel guilty for not inviting them?

If you’re second guessing any of these answers to these questions, then you should definitely remove them from the list. There are other ways they can be apart of your micro wedding if you really want to include them in the process.

Examples: Sending heartfelt videos to you to watch on your wedding day, writing letters for you to open and read on your day, etc.

A small backyard ceremony for a micro wedding in the mountains
A micro wedding dinner table scape.
Micro wedding reception area set up for ten guests.
Micro wedding ceremony on top of a mountain in Colorado.

Is a micro wedding for you?

The great part about having a micro wedding is that you get to include your closest friends and family. All while marrying your best friend, and truly celebrating while taking in every single moment from start to finish. I have never had a couple regret getting married this way. In fact, they’re always gushing about how much more special the day was!

Don’t settle for something you don’t truly want. This is the beginning of forever! So, ditch the traditions and bring the focus on what’s truly important, YOUR love.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choosing Your Micro Wedding Photographer

Hey there, I’m Rachel, an Atlanta Wedding Photographer that travels all around the world creating an unforgettable experience for my couples! It’s my goal to capture the purest, most intentional moments behind my lens, and I am here to help you plan your micro wedding. Reach out to plan your beautiful micro wedding!