wedding details photos

What You Need for Wedding Details Photos

wedding details photos

Your wedding day begins with photos of your details and it’s a special way to remember the little things. Here’s what you need for wedding details photos!

Preparing for your Wedding Details Photos

Your wedding detail photos help tell the story of your day, and of course your wedding photos should capture the entire story. Most likely you put a lot of thought into these details, and some of them even may even have a special meaning about your relationship or even your family. Your wedding photos should capture everything, and that includes every little detail.

Wedding details photos are the first part of your day to be captured and can really set the stage for the whole look of the wedding. So in order to make everything run smoothest, it’s important to prepare ahead of time with your details!

Besides of course the dress, flowers, and veil, most of your details can fit easily into a box all ready for your photographer! It’s a much easier way to collect these items, then you having to worry about running around and finding each item on the day of. You also don’t want to end up forgetting anything, so it’s much better to go into the day with this all prepared! This also allows your photographer the chance to get started right away, so it’s a benefit for both of you!

Another tip to ensure your wedding details photos go off without a hitch is to ensure the person in charge of the details has both sets of rings. You don’t want to leave it with your partner and have your photographer need to hunt them down to find it. So add this onto your list to set aside ahead of time!

wedding details photos

wedding details photos

What to Include in your Wedding Details

Although most of these items should be available on the day, some of the other items make take some planning in advance to make sure they are included in your wedding details photos. These are a list of things that I typically include in photos if I have them available. You can bring all of these listed below if applicable, as well as any other personal items you want included!

Bride Details:

  • Ring
  • Vow books
  • 2 sets of the Invitation suite, including envelopes (I say two sets so that there can be an extra set if needed!)
  • Weddings shoes
  • Veil
  • Jewelry (family jewelry, heirlooms)
  • Bouquet
  • Perfume
  • Ask the florist if they have any loose florals to set aside for the flat lays
  • If you want you can bring their own custom ring boxes, but a lot of time photographers have styling boxes that include an assortment of ring boxes, ribbons, and other trinkets to make the flat lay pop!

Groom Details:

  • Ring
  • Shoes
  • Boutionere
  • Tie or bowtie
  • Watch
  • Cologne
  • Cuff links or tie clip

Wedding Details Examples

Sometimes it can be challenging to know what will look best together for your wedding detail photos, so here are a few of my favorite flat-lays!

wedding details photos

wedding details photos

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Rachel, a Atlanta Wedding + Elopement Photographer! I love starting a session with details photos, because it truly sets the tone + overall vibe for the whole day. Details tell a special part of the story and the more prepared you are, the better! I’d love to help you plan your Atlanta wedding or destination elopement. Reach out here to talk more about your vision!