Couple holding hands while eloping and reading their vows to each other.

Traditional Moments You Don’t Have To Lose Just Because You’re Eloping

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Even though you’re eloping, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to skip out on normal wedding traditions!


The intentional choice of eloping may make you feel like you’re going to miss out on those special, traditional moments of a wedding day. But there are so many ways to incorporate those special moments throughout your elopement day!

I am constantly getting questions, can I still include *insert normal wedding tradition here* for my elopement?! And the answer is YES!

As a micro-weddings and elopement photographer, I have spent years watching each of my couples make their elopement unique and special to them! Without all the stress of planning a big wedding you can truly get to the root of what is important to you and your future spouse to include it in your day!

So, for those of you who have those burning questions of what you can + can’t include on your elopement wedding day – here we go!


Elopements often have the stigma of needing to be quick + painless. Since you aren’t inviting 200 people to witness your vows, why would you include any of the traditional elements of a traditional wedding?

As an elopement photographer, I believe the answer to this question is because it is still YOUR wedding day! Over the years I have seen families included, toasts made, first dances happen + so much more, all on an elopement day. Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean the celebration of your love needs to be anything less than a dream come true!

To give you some ideas, I’m going to talk about some of my most favorite traditions I’ve witnessed during my couples elopements + intimate weddings!

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So many of my couples still include their family members on their elopement day, which I believe makes it that much more special. While I realize that a lot of couples choose having an elopement for reasons of not being close to their families. The reality is, a lot of couples ARE close to their family + still want to include them on their elopement day.

Even though you aren’t walking through a crowd of 200 people, this moment is so intimate + special and can really be a truly meaningful part for the whole day.

This also goes for the anyone who maybe doesn’t have someone they want to walk them down the aisle, but still want to “walk down the aisle”. On your elopement day it is truly and fully all about what you want, and what will be special to you! Don’t skip out on these intimate moments if they are important to you!


This is probably my favorite traditional element that my couples still stick to on their elopement day!

Whether it be from the speaker on your phone to the bluetooth speaker we pack along in our bags there are so many options when it comes to still having a first dance with your SO on your elopement day!

I’ve had couples do this lakeside in the mountains, back at their Airbnb after a long day of hiking, or even out in the street under the street lamp in the snow.

Sharing this intimate moment together and really bringing it back to the reason why you are eloping is why I believe this traditional element should be a MUST at every elopement!

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Groom reacting with a big smile as he sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day during their first look.


I absolutely love when couples still choose to have an intimate first look on their elopement day.

Many couples wonder how the logistics of this can work. But it’s mostly about coordinating the location of where, and how to set you up beforehand. I think doing this really gives you an added element of surprise on your day. It also just extra time to really be intentional with each other and make it as special as possible.

Photography wise, a first look also gives you more options to choose from, from the finished gallery!


If you’re including your immediate family or close friends on your elopement day then you’re probably wondering (or maybe they are) if it’s okay if they give a toast or speech to celebrate the love they just witnessed!

The answer: ALWAYS!

The major theme of this whole blog is the fact that this is your wedding day + you can do whatever the hell you want!

Speeches + toasts can be some of the most meaningful parts of a wedding day where those who love + support you can share their adoration for your love story! What better way to remember your elopement day then by remembering the sweet words said by your family + friends!

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Couple cutting into a cake after eloping in the mountains in Colorado.


As I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, your wedding day is about you!

Whether it be big or small, in your parents backyard or on a mountain top. The most important traditions to include are the ones that are most important to you!

Talk with your SO and make a list of things you want + don’t want. Eloping is such an intimate + special experience, make it exactly what you want it to be!