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Choosing to elope or have a small wedding is choosing to set aside all expectations of what a "wedding" should be, setting aside those opinions that you decide not to listen to, and the obligations of what you feel will make others happy. You're putting it all to the side and focusing entirely on what is important to YOU as couple, and that is so incredibly special.

However I know this choice can be a a little overwhelming when you don't have a strict "guide" you're following for what your wedding day should look like - which is why I have come up with this sections of resources to help you along the way in planning your dream elopement or intimate wedding and making sure it is as stress-free as possible. These guides are here to help answer questions, figure out specific logistics for locations you want to get married in, and much more!

As you go through these guides don't forget I am also here as a resource for you and want to help you in any way possible to make sure your dreams become reality on your wedding day!

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what to wear for engagement photos

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Planning out what to wear for engagement photos can be overwhelming. Here are my biggest tips to make sure your pictures turn out stunning!

eloping in lake tahoe

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Thinking about eloping in Lake Tahoe and want to know more details? We’re covering elopement locations, how to get a marriage license and more!

Couple kissing each other while they elope in Iceland with a city lit up down the mountain from them.

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In the last several years, eloping in Iceland has become one of the most sought after adventures for couples all over the world. It is NOT hard to see why! With a vast landscape of black sand beaches, glacier topped mountains, lush greenery, beautiful cliffside’s, and over 10,000 waterfalls, having your elopement in Iceland is a no-brainer.

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Most people just don’t want the stress of having hundreds of guests (some of whom they don’t even know). People find that it can be uncomfortable to say intimate vows in front of a lot of guests, and having what can sometimes feel like a meaningless day to ‘celebrate’ their marriage. So people are ditching the traditional and bringing it back to the roots of what’s really important – their love!

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Eloping in Costa Rica is one of the best decisions you can make, and it’s easy to see why. The country is known for its amazing surfing, 200 + volcanos, breathtaking waterfalls, unbelievably colorful sunsets, and beautifully lush jungles. On top of it all, it’s extremely afford as well.

Couple kissing by an alpine lake on their elopement day.

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When you plan an elopement, you’re making an intentional decision to put your love story first.

Whatever the reason is that you’re considering or choosing to elope, just know that it is a super special decision that deserves to be equally as celebrated as a big wedding. And figuring out how to plan an elopement is the first step in your journey to the best day ever!

Couple holding hands while eloping and reading their vows to each other.

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Elopements often have the stigma of needing to be quick + painless. Since you aren’t inviting 200 people to witness your vows, why would you include any of the traditional elements of a traditional wedding? As an elopement photographer, I believe the answer to this question is because it is still YOUR wedding day!

Couple taking a moment alone together on the black sand beaches of their Icelandic elopement.

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If you’ve reached this page, chances are you’re considering eloping in Iceland. As an Iceland Elopement Photographer it’s my passion to show as many people as possible the beauty of this ‘land of fire and ice’. I truly believe it is the most incredible place to have an elopement.